Tappy Shots App Reviews

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Awesomeness on a whole another lvl

Very cool


This game is challenging and fun at the same time. Some of the basketballs are hard to collect.

Fun game

It is a fun game but it can get frustrating it is good for a free game

Its good

Umm i kind of like it


After every time my game ends it gives me a ad so I hate so many ads I’m deleting your game


Great game to play when your bored

Courts for free

This game is a very fun game but I wish you could access the courts for free but balls for stars


Love this app addictive

Great Shot

Great Game!!!

Tappy shot fan

Great fantastic game

Tabby shots

I love the game. I love how you can earn stars and basket. And even balls. I think your game is the best game ever!!! If you were in a contest, you would totally win!!!


Toooo many

Ok game too many ads

This game is amazing I can’t stop playing but there is way too many ads


I love the app but I dont really like how everything is so expensive. So maybe make it a little cheaper.

So good

This game is Awsome and cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👍😀

great game ruined by update

the new update brings cool challenges but now after you make a basket the hoop doesn’t move out of the way in time and the ball hits the bottom of it when you try for the next shot too fast. since the game is speed based it basically broke the game for me.


Would be a 5 Star game if there wasn’t a add after every missed shot.

Stupid dang game

I was doing very good my best was 225 and then it was like a whole different game because it had stars and it kept holding me back and I can't shoot I was almost to 300 😡😡😡

Fun but needs more challenges

It is fun but it needs more updates


I enjoy playing cause it's fun and easy to use

This game fye/🔥🔥🔥🔥 who ever made this i know they getting payed good money its dat good

Omg its the best game ever

Love this game !!!!

It’s so fun!!!!

About this game

This is a cool game and this is a good way to learn different things and activity’s





Fun game, but WAY to many adds

This game is actually really fun, but when you’re about to beat your high score but you die, you probably click the second chance button, or you can say touch to skip. But, you end up watching an add either way, and it’s almost always THE SAME ONE AS BEFORE.


So I just downloaded it and RIGHT when it was FINISHED installing, clicked the home button (I was too excited and I don’t like to tap the OPEN button because you’ll still have a tab open) anyways after I tapped the home button, I opened the game and 5 minutes later.. MY HIGHEST SCORE WAS 37 like that’s me, (a fast learner) 😂 so anyways back to the topic. Then 30 minutes playing it in the car my highest score was.. 112 can you beat that? 4 Whatever I don’t care if you can after that happened I was in shock of how good I already was. Soon I unlocked 4 more balls! I love basket ball and the game, (I’m also a girl lol)

The best game ever

I love this game

New update

I would rate 5 star but, y'all RUINED the game. y'all HAD to re-texture y FAVOURITE ball 😡 please bring the old textures for the balls back

Great way to waste time if you’re bored

The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I had a lot of apps freeze up (including this one). When I re-downloaded it, all the extras I’d gotten were gone and I had to start over, even though both times I was connected to Game Center.

Fun but to many adds

A add pulls up every time you play

Best game

Best game to challenge your friends to beat you high scores


Every time I visit my cousin we challenge to see who can get the highest score. I just got one request. Every time the buzzer goes out, i drop the ball and it bounces and i score but it doesn’t count as a score. Can you please make it so when it bounces when time is up, you can still score if you are lucky enough, Thanks

Ha love it

Cool app.Really like it.


I wish there was a free mode or more to it.

Good game

This a good game this game is also very fun




Game was fun. New update makes you hit the bottom of the rim you just passed. Please fix

Make more

Best game ever

Broke after newest update! Must patch!

This is a really good time waster that feels rewarding and never really gets old after awhile. Broken after newest update and a lot of glitching every time you get a basket your ball glitches for a moment. Waiting for a patch otherwise great free game! Just turn on airplane mode cause the ads are ridiculous (or buy the adfree version if there is one and support the creators)


Loved the game before the update. Now it glitches a lot and delays my taps. Before the update it was great and I played it to waste the time.


Dogfight I’ve had his last name before


Good game not the best I the world but trust me!!!! It’s pretty good 😃


Really fun game

Dumb ads that you. Can’t even exit out of

Fun game but the ads made me delete it cause you can’t even exit out of them after even 10 seconds.

Ads you can’t close

There are some ads that you can’t close!!!

Oh yeah

Fun game

Cooooool 😎 x 99999999999999999999999999999999998898888888878767464633737373344

Gggddgrgrgdvg if u want to get rid of ads then turn off cell service for that session of game play

Tappy shots

Best game ever.my son played it for600 hours

Love it!

This game is so much fun but aggravating at the same time. It’s a challenge. The higher your score gets the quicker the time runs out. Addictive!

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